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While staying in Malbork, visit in the Malbork Castle and Museum is a must! Situated on the right bank of Nogat river, is the largest castle complex in the world and the biggest complex made with human hands on a nearly 52 acres site and total cubic capacity mare than a quarter million cubic meters. Formerly the seat of Great Masters of the Teutonic Order. In 1997 the Castle was registered on the World Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO. It is rightly known as the largest brick ‘mountain’ north of the Alps!

One of the best attractions is a cruise on the Nogat – one of important historical waterways. Trip starts in Malbork, at the feet of the Castle, farther, we can admire the Nature Reserve, floodgates – with the biggest of them, situated in Biała Góra, where Nogat runs to Vistula. It’s the finest hydraulic structure buildings in Poland, still making impression on architecture enthusiasts. There is a possibility of booking a trip by gondola from the city Sports and Recreation Center, or hiring a gondola for a trip to Biala Gora (White Mountain) which takes approximately 3.5 hours.

Apart from Castle, worth seeing in Malbork is also Old Town, Gothic Church of St. John The Baptist, build in second half of 14th C, Latin School, Old Town Hall and Defensive Walls with two medieval Gates.


Fitnessclub Atlantis – 500 metrów od Hotelu

Sala zabaw dla dzieci (W Galerii Malborskiej) – 200 metrów od Hotelu

Kryty Basen Malbork – 250 metrów od Hotelu

Ścianka wspinaczkowa – 450 metrów od Hotelu

Lodowisko (od Listopada do Marca) – 450 metrów od Hotelu


Malbork is located in beautiful region of Żuławy. It’s remarkable region with varied landscape, its villages, with their finely-decorated arcade houses and the towering wooden spires of Gothic churches almost completely flat, sometimes even below sea level – the deepest depression, 1.8 m, situated near small village – Raczki Elbląskie. In early 16th C the Mennonites inhabited the Żuławy land. Their presence is testified to by the graveyards they left in Żuławy. The Żuławy land offers the Mennonite Route, which links the places related to the people of that denomination with the history of their settlement in this area. The largest and best saved graveyard is located in Stogi. It counts 90 stelae – gravestones with biblical inscriptions and symbols.

One of the most popular resorts in Żuławy and the whole country is the Vistula Spit. The best beaches in this part of Europe, swarm with tourists enjoying swimming, sunbathing and collecting amber. Natural assets, and perfect conditions for water, horse, and bicycle tourism, well-developed water tourism – windsurfing & sailing, as well as inland tourism – cruises down the waterway of Żuławy Loop gives various opportunities for all active and fun-loving tourists.
Mentioned here Żułay Loop is a network of ports, marinas, piers and a part of the E70 Inland Waterway, which runs from Rotterdam to Klaipeda.

The more and more popularity-gaining attraction, not only for tourist, is the narrow gauge railway whereby everyone can travel from Nowy dwór Gdański, through Stegna to Sztutowo and Mikoszewo.
Another important “must-see” is Gdansk. The city of great history and brave citizens, astonishing monuments that, along with amber – the Baltic gold creates the mesmerizing atmosphere. The place where history-changing events had its begging, where the World War II started, where the Solidarity Movement was born and developed its power, that led to the fall of communism.

Pokazy wieczorne światło – woda – dźwięk przy Fontannie (1 czerwca – 31 lipca ,21:00 (H), 22:00 ; 1- 31 sierpnia 20:30 (H), 22:00 ; 1- 30 września 21:00 (H) ) – 240 metrów od Hotelu

Przejażdżka kolejką turystyczną (od 1.06 do 30.09) – 200 metrów od Hotelu

MINIGOLF Malbork – 700 metrów od Hotelu

Park Linowy Malbork – 800 metrów od Hotelu

Park Dinozaurów – 850 metrów od Hotelu